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Whether you are exploring the concept of self-funding or are an experienced expert with it, the key to successful self-funding is in your third party administrator (TPA) partnership. At Blue Solutions Administrator (BSA) we recognize you don’t need “more” from your TPA - you need it all! Review our Products and Services tab to see our comprehensive array of solutions. Or, submit the contact sheet below to have a conversation to find out how BSA can turn your self-funding needs into a successful self-funded plan!

BSA and the BlueCard National Provider Network

BSA is the only South Carolina-based TPA offering the exceptional performance and savings of the BlueCard National Provider Network

Our Network Value

Exclusively working with businesses sitused in South Carolina, our unified national network means you have access to in-network providers even if you live, work or travel outside of South Carolina.
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Superior Service

  • Account Executive and support staff with extensive self-funding knowledge and experience
  • Dedicated Customer Service units
  • PAI Analytics

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